vtc-207 serie

The all new international equivalent range of toggle clamps from Steelsmith. Now all the leading international toggle clamps have their equivalents in this range. What’s more, these quality clamps come with hardened bushes for enhanced life, several safety features and slicker finish.

The VTC-207 series have 11 different models

VTC-207-L solid arm flanged clamp
VTC-207-S solid arm flanged clamp
VTC-207-U adjustable arm flanged clamp
VTC-207-UL solid arm flanged clamp
VTC-207-LB solid arm straight clamp
VTC-207-SB solid arm straight clamp
VTC-207-UB adjustable arm straight clamp
VTC-207-ULB adjustable arm straight clamp
VTC-207-U-TRIG adjustable arm flanged clamp
VTC-207-U-SS adjustable arm flanged clamp
VTC-207-UB-SS adjustable arm straight clamp
solid adjustable arm clamp

solid adjustable arm clamp


straight flanged base


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