VTC-201 series

The all new international equivalent range of toggle clamps from Steelsmith. Now all the leading international toggle clamps have their equivalents in this range. What’s more, these quality clamps come with hardened bushes for enhanced life, several safety features and slicker finish.

The VTC-201 series has a few different models

  • VTC-201-U
  • VTC-201-UB
  • VTC-201-U-SS
  • VTC-201-SF
  • VTC-201-UB-SS
  • VTC-201-SFB
  • VTC-201-TU
  • VTC-201-SF

For more information on these models, make sure to download our catalog. In order for you to download the catalog, we request you to send us a mail so our experts can immediately help you aswell.

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