Swing Clamps

What is a swing clamp ?

Swing Clamps provide quick swing-and-clamp action. These heavy duty clamps are intended for quick clamping of metallic or non-metallic products in production environment. These double-acting pneumatic and hydraulic clamps offer a wide combination of features that make them uniquely adaptable to applications such as welding and assembly operations.

These industrial clamps can be produced and delivered in all popular range of clamp models, bore sizes and mounting styles.models and styles.

The standard pneumatic and hydraulic swing clamps are non-locking industrial clamps that provide a clamping force in direct proportion to bore size and inlet pressure.

The holding capacity of these clamp tools starts from 20 kgs to 1.600 kgs and more.

The operating pressure 4-7 bar, 20-70 bar, 50-350 bar

Swing_Clamps_2 Swing_Clamps1
Swing clamps 
Model referencesForce
PST Series16-140 kgs
PSF Series16-140 kgs
NPSU Series16-140 kgs
PSB Series16-140 kgs
HST Series59-400 kgs
HSF Series59-600 kgs
NFT Series495-1600 kgs
NFS Series495-1600 kgs

Industrial swing clamp definition:

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