Straight Line Action HTC-series

The Steelsmith Straight Line Action hand clamps design uses a straight-line or push/pull clamping action. The push/pull handle is easy to operate en moves the plungers of the industrial clamp in and out along its axis. Most of these clamp tools can be locked in two positions.

These industrial clamps can be produced and delivered in all popular sizes and styles.

The holding capacity of these clamp tools starts from 45 kgs to 4.500 kgs and more

The quick release clamps can be equipped with an additional locking mechanism.

Straight_Line_Action_HTC-series_3 Straight_Line_Action_HTC-series_2
Straight Line Action HTC series 
Model referencesHolding capacity
HTC-190-FM50 kgs
HTC-603-PS300 kgs
HTC-607-LH600 kgs
HTC-630-LH800 kgs
HTC-650-PS3.500 kgs
HTC-122050 kgs
HTC-1530-LH200 kgs
HTC-2040-LH600 kgs
HTC-2326300 kgs
HTC-2530-PS300 kgs
HTC-30251.100 kgs
HTC-3540-PS400 kgs
HTC-35452.600 kg
HTC-4560-PS700 kgs

Straight Line Action hand clamp definition HTC Series

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