Pull Action Clamps/Latches PAH-series

The Steelsmith Pull Action hand clamps are designed for sealing chambers, doors, mould closures or other such applications requiring closure mechanisms.

These industrial clamps can be produced and delivered in all popular sizes and styles.

The holding capacity of these clamp tools starts from 150 kgs to 3.000 kgs and more

The quick release clamps are also available in stainless steel or can be equipped with an additional locking mechanism.

Pull_Action_Clamps_Latches_PAH-series_1 Pull_Action_Clamps_Latches_PAH-series_2
Pull Action Clamps/Latches PAH series  
Model referencesHolding capacity
PAH-323150 kgs
PAH-331250 kgs
PAH-341900 kgs
PAH-3751800 kgs
PAH-3853500 kgs
PAH-1210100 kgs
PAH-1515200 kgs
PAH-1725350 kgs
PAH-2445950 kgs
PAH-26031800 kgs
PAH-30623000 kgs
PAH-5271350 kgs
PAH-5442950 kgs
PAH-40-570250 kgs
PAH-70-2600150 kgs
PAH-CT-012050 kgs
PAH-CT-013050 kgs

Pull Action hand clamp definition PAH-Series

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