Other Popular Clamps

Steelsmith also designs and produces other popular types of quick clamps :

Cam quick lamps, Latch quick clamps, squeeze action clamps, F clamps,

wood clamps, hose clamps, pipe clamps, G clamps, adjustable clamps, metal work

clamps, … .

There is a type of quick release clamp for every industrial application.

Quick release clamps are also available in stainless steel or can be equiped with an additional locking mechanism.

Other_Popular_Clamps Other_Popular_Clamps_2
Other popular clamps 
Model referencesHolding capacity
CAM-219150 kgs
CAM-229450 kgs
PA-32550 kgs
PAV-320/T4-S350 kgs
PAV-620100 kgs
PAV-850500 kgs
PB-4727-SB1.100 kgs

Other popular quick clamps

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