225-USS destaco clamp

225-USS destaco clamp

Hold down destaco clamps 225-USS are available in the market.

The 225-USS destaco is a horizontal hold down clamp.

We suggest to use alternative H-225-U-SS

Click here to know more about H-225-U-SS



Picture shown can be different to actual model
If you cannot find quick stock availability of destaco clamp 225-USS then we recommend to  Contact us.  Don’t hesitate to suggest your target price of alternative destaco clamp 225-USS along with its quantity.

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Anemo Engineering can supply part number 225-USS alternative destaco clamp.  Please request the quantity you need.

Download the full catalog to verify alternatives to 225-USS clamp

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destaco is a registered trademark of destaco . It’s use does not imply any endorsement or certification by destaco , of Anemo products, or any affiliation between destaco and Anemo. Some part references we show are legacy in nature and we reserve the right to quote appropriate alternatives where required. Our quotations will make this clear.

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