Additional Locking Mechanism

The additional locking mechanism of the quick release clamp ensures that these

super clamp remains locked in any condition. This prevents accidental opening of the

clamp tool and increases your safety. Furthermore the grip ensures that workers do not harm themselves at frequently operation of the quick release clamps.

These industrial clamps can be produced and delivered in all popular sizes and styles.

The holding capacity of these clamp tools starts from 125 kgs to 3.500 kgs and more

The super clamps are also available in stainless steel.

Additional_Locking_Mechanism_1 Additional_Locking_Mechanism_2
Additional Locking Mechanism 
Model referencesHolding capacity
VTC-207-U-TRIG175 kgs
VTC-210-U-TRIG275 kgs
H-225-U-TRIG225 kgs
H-305-U-TRIG50 kgs
H-307-U-TRIG150 kgs
HTC-603-TRIG300 kgs
PAH-331-TRIG325 kgs
PAH-341-TRIG900 kgs
PAH-385-TRIG3500 kgs
PAH-2603-TRIG1800 kgs
PAH-5271-TRIG350 kgs
PAH-5442-TRIG950 kgs

Definition clamp with additional locking mechanism

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