Most customers of Steelsmith quick clamps also buy some of the accessories that can

be used together with quick clamps tools or have particular applications.

You would like to receive a complete overview of all Steelsmith accessories ?

You would like to become all technical information, the 3D drawing, a quote, a sample, … then :

Accessoires_4 Accessoires_3
Accessoires_2 Accessoires_1
Model referencesinformation
Rubber Tip SpindlesRT-series
Nylon Tip SpindlesNT-series
Swivel Foot Spindles SW-series
Standard Hex SpindlesSH-series
Plain SpindlesPS-series
Bolt retainerBR-series
Rubber CapsRC-series
ShimpacksSeries 4015-TML
ShimpacksSeries 4820-TML
ShimpacksSeries 6020-TML
ShimpacksSeries 8020-TML
Plastic Base Leveling padsSeries TPLP
Leveling pads - femaleSeries SLPF
Leveling pads - maleSeries SLPM
Collar Nuts DIN-6331Series DCCN
Fixture Hex NutsSeries FXN
Extension Fixture Hex NutsSeries EFXN
Plain washers DIN-6340Series SPW
Spherical Washers Series DSWCS
Studs for T-NutsSeries DCS
Universal Step BlocksSeries SSB
T-Nuts DIN-508Series TNSS
T-Bolts DIN-787Series TBSS
Strap Clamp FlatSeries SCF
Open-ended strap clampSeries UFS

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